“BioEnergy Patches” Change Name to “Energetic Adhesive Disks”

Energetic Adhesive Disks (formerly BioEnergy Patches)

BioEnergy Patches are now called Energetic Adhesive Disks.

The manufacturer no longer refers to their products as “patches” because they feel that their Carbon Crystalline Products are much more than “patches”.

Be assured, however, that this is the same highest-quality product that you have come to know and trust.  Only the name is changing — nothing else — for sure not the trusted quality of the product.

So please bear with us as we go through the process of changing all Next Wave site references from “BioEnergy Patches” to the new name “Energetic Adhesive Disks”.

Slowly, over time, Next Wave will be switching all references to the new description.

We appreciate your patience while we revise references on the Next Wave site to reflect the name change to Energetic Adhesive Disks.

Thanks in advance. J


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