High Tech Health Ionizer Plus Water Ionizer

Filter, Purify, Alkalinize Tap Water

Filter Contaminants, Chlorine, Chemicals, Lead, Bacteria, Etc.

Disinfect Water From Germs, Bacteria, & Viruses

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The Ionizer Plus water ionizer alkalinizes faucet tap water, producing beneficial and hydrating water (complete with bioavailable electrolytes) for only pennies per day.  It combines broad water filtration, state-of-the-art mineral concentration, with antioxidant dissolved molecular hydrogen to RESTORE the digestive system, RESTORE hydration (the body’s critical tool for excretion), and to protect the body with the antioxidant power of molecular hydrogen.

The Ionizer Plus water ionizer transforms your tap water into the healthiest water possible. By alkalinizing your water and concentrating minerals already present in your water, and by making them and the water itself more easily absorbed by the body, Ionizer Plus water has the capability to reverse metabolic acidosis, and to promote the increased excretion of toxins. It also has all the filtration and purification that you will ever need – all in one modest counter-top unit.


How It Works
The water, routed through the Ionizer Plus, first goes through the granular-activated carbon portion of the filter to absorb chlorine and chemicals. Water next goes through a hollow-fiber membrane to filter (remove) particles larger than 0.1 micron, which includes all bacteria. (This feature eliminates bacteria such as E Coli, Giardia, and Crypto Sporidium, etc.)

The water is next treated with direct current – a process called electrolysis – which splits oxygen and hydrogen. Although microfiltration and ultraviolet yields safe, clean water, the electrolysis treatment is the most important function of the product.

Water then enters an electrolysis chamber where a series of electrodes separated by a membrane allows calcium, potassium, and magnesium (cations or positively charged ions) to be attracted to the cathode (negatively charged electrolysis terminal). The minerals at this point become ionized and, therefore, much more bio-available; otherwise, inorganic minerals found in water are too large to absorb. The membrane allows the water, now concentrated with minerals, to be separated for drinking.

The water is finally treated with low dose ultraviolet (UV), approximately 15,000 microwatts per square centimeter, to eliminate viruses (the bacteria has already been filtered out). The UV light remains on for 30 seconds after the water flow stops in order to eliminate reverse contamination of the unit. This is another exclusive feature of the Ionizer Plus.

Water Output & Cost
Alkaline water, separated by the membrane, is delivered for drinking through the stainless steel fully adjustable hose/spout from the top of the device.

Acidic water, on the other side of the membrane, comes out the secondary hose into your sink for collection or disposal.

The Ionizer Plus produces about 1.5 gallons of water per minute – one gallon of alkaline and one half gallon of acidic water. The Ionizer Plus has a design life of about twelve years (similar to many appliances). High Tech Health estimates the price, including filter changes, out to be approximately 14 cents per gallon… a small price to pay for daily use of a water unit that dramatically improves health.


The Ionizer Plus connects to a faucet via a diverter valve.  When the valve is in one position, water flows through the Ionizer Plus.  When the valve is in the other position, water flows to your faucet for normal faucet use.  There are also options to connect the Ionizer Plus to a specially-installed faucet, and for under-sink installation.


The Ionizer Plus plugs into any standard 120V outlet.

Water Softeners
High Tech Health recommends to not use any water electrolyzer, including the Ionizer Plus, with water softeners. Water softeners typically exchange calcium in water for sodium, making the softened water high in sodium. A water electrolyzer then further concentrates the sodium. (Note: High Tech Health does not recommend consuming water with such a high sodium concentration.)

For those with a water softener, High Tech Health advises using a plumber-installed cold-water line which bypasses the softener or to connect the Ionizer Plus to an outdoor faucet which has bypassed the softener.

Kitchen Sprayer-Faucets
The Ionizer Plus comes with two faucet attachments which work for most standard faucets. However, neither attachment can be used with sprayer-faucets. For customers with sprayer-faucets, High Tech Health recommends attaching the Ionizer Plus to a standard faucet in another location. Alternately, a separate ionizer-only cold-water faucet can be plumber-installed at the kitchen sink.

Cold Water Only
The granular activated carbon filters used in the Ionizer Plus must only have cold water run through them because hot water causes the carbon to clump together effectively clogging the filter. This is another advantage to having a separate and dedicated ionizer-only cold-water faucet for your Ionizer Plus.



Features of the High Tech Health Ionizer Plus Water Ionizer
High Tech Health Ionizer Plus Water Ionizer filters contaminants, chlorine, chemicals, lead, all bacteria, and more.  It disinfects water from germs, bacteria and viruses.

High Tech Health Ionizer Plus
-Single Unit Ionizes, Disinfects, And Filters Water3 Water Settings (Alkaline, Acidic, Purified)
-4 Adjustable pH Level Settings
-Ultraviolet Disinfection Including Cryptosporidium, E Coli, And Giardia Lamblia
-Installs In Minutes – Easily Attaches To Kitchen Faucet


Alkaline water is an excellent antioxidant and free radical scavenger. It buffers lactic acid and other harmful acids which can result in
·    Reduced Sore Joints And Muscles
·    Increased Endurance Strength And Speed
·    Increased Flexibility And Energy Levels
·    Increased Fat Burning And Muscle Building

The most essential element in nutrition is water. Depending on the source, water almost always contains valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. High Tech Health Ionizer Plus concentrates minerals present in your water.  It makes both the water and the minerals more bioavailable and easily absorbed. It has been widely reported that drinking this water improves many health concerns related to digestion, pain, chronic fatigue, and cancer.  (See below for a list of reported health benefits.)

High Tech Health Ionizer Plus is a most advanced combination water ionizer and water filter.  It combines micro-filtration, ultraviolet treatment, and electrolysis in a single machine capable of producing antioxidant alkaline drinking water as well as acidic water for about 14 cents per gallon. The unit switches from alkaline to acidic water with the touch of a button. This extraordinary unit attaches right to a standard faucet in your house.

High Tech Health Ionizer Plus produces about 1.5 gallons of water per minute, one gallon of alkaline water and one half gallon of acidic water. The High Tech Health Ionizer Plus has a design life of about twelve years (similar to many appliances). The price, including filter changes, works out to be about 14 cents per gallon.

The Ionizer Plus is distributed world-wide by High Tech Health International, Inc. The unit is manufactured by Akai Electric Co, in Japan, where much of the population drinks ionized water.


Additional Features of The High Tech Health Ionizer Plus:
·    Built-In UV Disinfection
·    Filters Chlorine, Chemicals, Lead, All Bacteria, And More
·    No Added Minerals / Electrolysis Enhancer
·    3-Stage Activated Carbon Filter
·    Filtration To 0.1 Microns
·    Switches From Alkaline To Acidic With Push Of Button
·    Performs Self Diagnosis
·    Self-Cleaning Maintenance-Free Use
·    Volume Indicator Shows Volume Of Filtered Water
·    Audible And Visual Filter Replacement Indicator
·    Audible And Visual Excess Flow Indicator


Some Reported Benefits Of Drinking Water Filtered / Ionized By The High Tech Health Ionizer Plus:
·    Accelerates Hydration
·    Increases Mineral Absorption
·    Ensures Higher Antioxidant Efficiency
·    Balances Digestive System
·    Buffers Over-Acidity
·    Improves Health And Digestion
·    Detoxifies The System
·    Anti-Oxidant
·    Distributes Dissolved Vitamins And Minerals
·    Creates Healthy, Mineral-Rich, Filtered Alkaline Water


Alkaline and Acidic Water Uses
Experts in the medical community and regular users of the High Tech Health Ionizer Plus have report the following benefits.

Improvements in the following conditions have been noted after drinking alkaline-ion water:
·    Malabsorption of nutrients
·    Chronic fatigue
·    Chronic diarrhea
·    Chronic constipation
·    Heartburn
·    Migraines
·    Psoriasis
·    Indigestion
·    Abnormal gastro-intestinal fermentation
·    Acidic body chemistry
·    Osteoporosis Dehydration
·    Nausea
·    Poor circulation
·    Arthritis
·    Leg cramps
·    Better athletic performance
·    Obesity
·    Stress
·    High blood pressure
·    Diabetes
·    Increased stabilized oxygen

Acidic-ion water (for external use) can be useful for the following:
.    Eczema
·    Acne
·    Dry rough skin
·    Athlete’s foot
·    Insect bites
·    Dandruff
·    Minor wounds Hemorrhoids
·    Cleaning fruits and vegetables
·    Throat discomfort
·    Mouth sores
·    Blisters
·    Rashes



High Tech Health Ionizer Plus Water Ionizer

  • Suggested Retail: (Call High Tech at 800-794-5355)
  • When you talk with High Tech Health, be sure to mention the HUGE “Next Wave” discount! (Click here for discount now.)




“I’ve had my High Tech Health Ionizer Plus Water Ionizer for YEARS and LOVE IT!  I always enjoy the folks at High Tech Health.  They patiently explained and educated me regarding water filtration and ionization so I felt good about my choice to buy and use this unit.  There was no high pressure… In fact, they’re STILL very supportive… They stand by and educate me regarding individual questions regarding protocols and uses for ionized water.  I truly feel that they will stand by me for the entire life of my unit!”  -Mari


Note: If you’re looking to buy a water electrolizer (ionizer), I encourage you to compare machines and companies.  High Tech Health prepared a list of comparison points to help you make an educated, informed choice.  -Mari




Notice: This information is provided for educational purposes. These products and the information presented in this website are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Neither these products nor this site is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Individual results may vary. As always, we urge you to seek the advice of a qualified medical professional for any health concerns.



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