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Drug-Free Chemical-Free Solution Provides Pain & Joint Relief for Your Pet

A One-Year Supply!

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The Pain & Joint Relief PetZone Disk – Safe For ALL Animals

The Pain & Joint Relief PetZone BioEnergy Disk is a natural solution to provide pain and joint relief that can affect your pet’s life.

Pain & Joint Relief uses natural frequency technology to provide relief to your pet’s pains and joints.

Use Pain & Joint Relief to ease pain and joint symptoms without the expense and harsh effects that sometimes accompany drugs.

Pain & Joint Relief is a drug-free chemical-free solution made for pet owners who understand the dangers of using drugs and chemicals that can cause harmful side effects.


Your Dog’s Joints

Your dog’s joints can take a pounding from everyday activities like running after tennis balls and jumping off decks. For some dogs, this constant pounding can become a problem. For them, “more use” translates to “more injuries” which can also lead to joint-related problems such as ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tears and osteoarthritis.

Two major categories of joint problems are “developmental” and “degenerative”.

Developmental problems are issues like hip or elbow dysplasia, where the joint is not correctly developed.

Cruciate ligament problems in dogs are amongst the most common degenerative issues in dogs, as well as one of the most common causes of arthritis.  For example, when a dog’s cruciate ligament is degenerating over time, it can often cause instability and secondary osteoarthritis.

Pet owners often notice that their pet becomes less active and/or has difficulty with common activities such as running, going up or down stairs, jumping into (or out of) a vehicle, etc.

The Manufacturer advises that they rarely see overt pain as the first complaint, further that by using Pain & Joint Relief on a regular bases, your pet will receive continuous receiving pain and joint relief.

Pain & Joint Relief is safe for all pets – dogs, cats, and other animals.


 One Year Supply!

Package contains: (2) disks, a one-year supply.



Attach one Pain & Joint Relief Disk to the metal tag included in the package.  Attach tag to your pet’s collar. For best results, the manufacturer advises to replace every six months.


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